Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Faves

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In the cold months I like to use foundation I feel like it makes my skin look refreshed and moisturized. During the hotter months I hate foundation because its just to heavy on my skin. I also find myself using darker shades in the fall and winter, during the summer I like lighter shades or a more natural look.

These are just a few of my favorites for the month.
1. Maybelline FIT me foundation in 110
This is a wonderful foundation and it has spf so it protects your skin, its very light and wont clog your skin, but its also a very good cover up.
2. Maybelline FIT me concealer in 10:
I absolutely love this concealer, Its the only concealer I use. It covers up amazingly and its so light and blends perfectly, I use this without any foundation because it covers so well. 
3. Maybelline One By One mascara in satin black:
I really like this mascara it makes my lashes look very full without any clumps.
4. Ulta eye shadows:
I actually got these for free when I bought some brushes but I love them, the colors are great and they are very pigmented, they blend great and last a long time.
5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:
This is an amazing product, If you use eye shadows a lot I highly recommend you get this, It makes your eye shadows last longer and it also enhances the colors, they look brighter and true to their color.
6. N.Y.X. black and white eyeliner pencils:
I don't use eyeliner pencils often, I prefer liquid liner but these are very nice, the colors are amazing and they don't smudge.
7. Love & Beauty lip glosses from Forever 21:
These are really cute and go on like a gloss but after the gloss is gone the color remains on the lips like a tint. I love them for adding a small amount of color, or just as a light gloss. I love that these come with an expiration date on the back so I know exactly when its time to get new one.

Those are my monthly favorites for the month of January, Like every makeup lover I have a lot more favorites and almost everything is a favorite for me but these are my top favorites.

Hope everyone had a great first month of 2013 and is still sticking to their resolutions!(:

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  1. Need to get the urban decay primer !!!

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