Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn Candles

Nothing says autumn like scented candles! I love candles I put them all over the house and make everything smell great and they are perfect for setting the mood I mean who doesn't want to just get nice and cozy in a great smelling room. I cant even walk into bath and body works without picking up some candles they have the best scents just saying :)
Bath & Body Works candle in Autumn
What says Autumn more than a candle that's Autumn scented? ..... nothing! This candle smells so nice and fresh, kind of like freshly washed clothes or just like fresh air its great for any room and its very subtle it doesn't overpower the room.
Bath & Body Works candle in Farmstand Apple
This is a stronger scented candle and it has kind of a citrus type of smell it smells great and just fills the room with a scent that just makes you hungry for apple pie. This candle is perfect for the fall but you can easily use it all year long because of the fruity fresh smell.
Bath & Body Works candle in Heirloom Pear
I saved the best for last! This candle is my favorite Bath & Body Works candle its amazing! Im really sad they don have them all year round and when I went the store this was the last one in stock so im guessing a lot of people agree that its one of the best candles. It smells delicious, very fruity yet very fresh and light its a scent that just fills your house and its a very natural scent it doesn't smell like gross air freshener.
I hope this post inspires you to go out and get some candles for your house this fall.
With love,

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