Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Completely Bare Hair Removal Review

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I will always prefer waxing instead of plucking, I mean who wants to hurt multiple times and take longer when it can be fast and easy?
The only problem with waxing is that I have very sensitive skin so it irritates my skin sometimes, I'm always looking for new products that are natural and good for your skin.
This product is really great and it makes your skin so nice, I also find that it doesn't hurt as much as other waxes do.
179 181The wax is super easy to use just warm up and apply, it comes in a small pot and all you need to do is microwave it.
The heating process is fast but depending on your microwave you may need to heat it up more or less.
It only took me 3 minutes to warm mine up.
Then you just apply and wait about 30 seconds for it to harden up and simply peel it off really fast, you don't need any wax strips or special cloth, Which I love because I'm always running out of those before I even run out of wax.

The only thing I don't love about this wax is that it gets hard pretty fast so you have to heat it up a little every 10 or so minutes, but that's a very small price to pay for great wax!

 The kit comes with these wipes that you can use to clean up any excess wax from your face or area you waxed.
They smell like lavender and they have special oils.
I do wish the kit came with a few more but overall the kit is really great.  

This kit was only $13 and I bought it at CVS, you can use it multiple times and for almost any surface.
This brand also has other products for hair removal.

I strongly suggest it!

If you know or use any other products for hair removal that you really love let me know, Or if you've tried this product let me know how you liked it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day :) 


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